We run a single stake pool, seeking to honor 3 core missions:

1. Participate & contribute to the Cardano ecosystem.

The first way we are trying to achieve this is by running a successful pool with a keen focus on reliability, stability, performance and true decentralization for our delegators.

In our efforts to promote decentralization and attain peak performance, we are currently migrating our cloud hosted nodes (BP + 2 relays) to bare metal machines and will soon be adding additional relays in South Africa and likely the EU too. Our end goal is to have at least 1 relay in each continent.

As we go through all the learning curves of creating an efficient and successful pool, we have been tracking any issues we've come across, as well as the solutions. We plan to pass on this knowledge via our Youtube channel (coming soon), the Cardano forums + stackexchange, as well as the numerous discord groups we belong to.

Once we have our pool in peak condition, we then plan to complete the Plutus pioneer program! Both my partner and I have 10 years+ each in software development and we both would love for our primary jobs to be in the crypto/blockchain space, specifically on the Cardano platform.

2. Create content and guides on YouTube to help onboard newcomers to the Cardano community, and keep viewers up to date and informed.

We thoroughly enjoy watching/following the updates from both Charles and IOHK. Unfortunately many people either don't have the patience, interest or time to watch/listen to so many long form videos. We aim to summarize important information in a tidy package for our future viewers, so they can keep up to date with the latest Cardano updates, without having to invest as many listening hours.

We also would like to create an assortment of guides, from the basics of creating a wallet and staking, through to more in depth content on how to become a stake pool operator.

3. Use Cardano to help others

As both my partner and I were born and raised in South Africa, we are excited to support South African charities with a portion of any profits our pool makes.

Our current choices of charities which we will be donating 10% of our profits to are 'VETPAW' and 'Expose Hope'.

VETPAW is an awesome nonprofit group whose purpose is to empower ex US veterans and/or civilians to be local rangers to assist and help with conservation/surveillance and counter poaching initiatives within South Africa. - https://vetpaw.org/

Expose hope is another excellent nonprofit organisation that focuses on helping women who have been victims to human trafficking and are now trapped in the underground sex industry, trying to survive on the streets. They are based predominantly in the greater Durban area of KZN, South Africa. - https://www.exposehope.org/